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Transform ideas into stunning UX designs effortlessly with our AI-powered tool, making UX research and development a breeze!

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All essentials for seamless UX design at your fingertips.

Navigate through every phase with ease, even if you're not overly concerned with every meticulous detail of design perfection.

Seamlessly validate your design ideas against market trends and conduct an automated competitive analysis to strategically position your product.

Transform Your UX Idea into a Comprehensive Case Study.

Imagine the ease of converting a mere thought into a detailed UX exploration without lifting more than a finger.

AI-Driven Idea Analysis & Validation

Elevate your UX ideas with AI-powered validation against market trends.

Upon input, the AI, utilizing OpenAIs APIs, scrutinizes your UX idea against current market trends and user preferences, providing a succinct analysis report. This ensures your UX case study is built on a concept with solid potential and viability.

Automated UX Case Study Generation

Transform your UX idea into a detailed case study effortlessly.

With minimal input, the AI autonomously crafts a comprehensive UX case study, including user personas, journeys, wireframes, and design recommendations, providing a robust exploration from idea conception through to design.

Intelligent Notes Chat

Interact with your UX Interview data through an intelligent chat interface.

Engage with our Intelligent Notes Chat to transform your user interview notes into dynamic discussions. This feature allows you to query and receive insights in real-time, helping you refine UX strategies and develop deeper understanding of user needs.

Embark on Your Design Journey Now

It's time to revolutionize your UX design process. Adopt our app and immerse yourself in a world where your ideas are seamlessly transformed into comprehensive UX case studies and prototypes.

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Loved by businesses worldwide.

Our software is so simple that people can’t help but fall in love with it. Simplicity is easy when you just skip tons of mission-critical features.

    • Using this app has been a game-changer in our design process. It turns our initial ideas into detailed UX case studies and prototypes with such ease, it feels like magic!

      Jordan Lee
      CEO at CreativeSprint
    • I was skeptical about how an app could autonomously generate such detailed UX content from a single idea, but it truly delivers. Its like having a personal UX researcher on my team, without the overheads!"

      Alexis Monroe
      Director at InnovateTech
    • The automated UX case study generation is not just a time-saver, but also a source of inspiration, providing new perspectives and insights into our initial concepts. Its reshaped our entire design approach!.

      Taylor Nguyen
      Founder of DesignMint
    • "I never realized how much depth and detail could be extracted from a single idea until I used this app. Its not just a tool; its a design partner that doesn’t miss any details."

      Morgan Harper
      COO at BuildWeb
    • The UX Interview Notes Analyzer is phenomenal. Being able to dive deep into user feedback so accurately and quickly has revolutionized our design process, enabling us to iterate and innovate at a pace we never thought possible!"

      Jordan Kim
      Founder of PixelDream
    • I was blown away by the detailed user personas and journeys the app generated from our initial idea. It provided insights we hadn’t considered and enriched our UX strategy tenfold!

      Casey Jordan
      Director at WebCrafters

Straightforward Pricing, Tailored for All.

Regardless of your project's scale, our app is designed to seamlessly bring your UX ideas to life with plans that cater to varied needs.


Ideal for individuals and freelancers embarking on their UX design journey.


  • Generate up to 5 UX case studies per month
  • Create up to 10 user personas per month
  • Develop up to 15 wireframes per month
  • Access to basic AI-driven design suggestions per month
  • Add and save interview notes with basic AI analysis.
  • Export up to 3 detailed reports per month
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CU Student

Optimized for small to medium-sized businesses or teams.


  • Generate up to 15 UX case studies
  • Create up to 30 user personas
  • Develop up to 50 wireframes per month
  • Access to advanced AI-driven design suggestions
  • Export up to 10 detailed reports
  • Add and save interview notes with enhanced AI analysis.
  • Collaborative features for team design
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For even the biggest enterprise companies.


  • Generate unlimited UX case studies
  • Create unlimited user personas
  • Develop unlimited wireframes
  • Access to premium AI-driven design suggestions
  • Export unlimited detailed reports
  • Add and save interview notes with comprehensive AI analysis.
  • Priority support and collaborative features
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Does your app handle all aspects of UX design?

      Yes, from idea validation to prototype creation, our app utilizes AI to generate comprehensive UX case studies, ensuring your design is user-centric and data-driven.

    • Can I upgrade my subscription plan partway through?

      Absolutely, we offer the flexibility to upgrade your plan at any point, ensuring you always have access to the features you need.

    • How do I get started with using the app for my UX design?

      Simply choose a subscription plan, input your UX idea, and let the AI autonomously generate a detailed UX case study and initial prototypes, providing a thorough exploration of your concept

    • What kind of support is available for using the app?

      We offer a range of support options to assist you in utilizing the app, ensuring you can easily navigate through the UX design process.

    • Why does the app require only the idea to generate a UX case study?

      Leveraging AI, the app can analyze your idea and autonomously generate a detailed UX case study, providing insights into user personas, journeys, and design recommendations, all from a single input.

    • Is there a limit to the number of UX case studies I can generate?

      The number of UX case studies you can generate depends on your subscription plan, with options to suit varied needs from individual to enterprise-level usage.

    • How accurate are the AI-generated UX case studies and prototypes?

      The AI utilizes a vast array of data and advanced algorithms to generate detailed and accurate UX case studies and prototypes, ensuring a reliable basis for your design.

    • Can I collaborate with my team within the app?

      Yes, our Professional and Enterprise plans offer collaborative features, ensuring you and your team can co-create and refine your UX designs seamlessly.

    • Can I export the UX case studies and prototypes?

      Yes, you can easily export the generated UX case studies and prototypes, facilitating easy sharing and further refinement using other tools..